Kay Cook
Kay Cook

Kay Cook

Miðill og rithöfundur HPD, SFBTHyp, Dip. CH.

Aðsetur:  Reykjavík



HPD Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma/NVQ4
DHP Diploma Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy APHP
(Association for Professional Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy)
Diploma CBT Skills for Hypnotherapists/NVQ4
Diploma SFBTHyp Solution Focused Hypnotherapy/NVQ4
Solution Focused Business Coaching with Mark McKergow
All NVQ4 Diplomas are independently accredited by the NCFE


I work with nerves and fears, stress, unwanted response patterns, motivation and performance issues such as sport, public speaking and exams. I also offer hypno-coaching for personal or business development or making the most of life.


Dáleiðslutækni síðan 2006 Ég býð upp meðferðir á ensku bæði við fullorðna og börn sem eru eldri en ellefu ára. / Hypnotherapy is offered in English to adults and children older than eleven years.

Since 1993 my work has had a caring and compassionate side. Since that time I have worked with the public as a medium. For around ten years I combined this with work as a family law legal secretary and assistant, which brought me into contact every day with people who were at a difficult time in their lives.

My compassion, understanding and ability to communicate productively with very upset people soon became well known. Life was paving the way for me to move towards working in a more therapeutic way! I have always loved words and had enjoyed writing poems for publication and sometimes short stories.

It was perhaps natural that I chose hypnotherapy, allowing me to blend my love of words and imagery into an experience which is both beautiful and healing.

I qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2006 having completed my training at The Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy School in Bristol. My training specialised in a solution focused approach but also incorporated some other ways of working and some NLP techniques, including the fast phobia technique which is sometimes known as Re-Wind, and other ways of working.

In 2007 I completed my CBT Skills for Hypnotherapists Diploma. As required by the National Council for Hypnotherapy in the United Kingdom I attended monthly supervision between 2006 and 2012 and also completed CPD Seminars each year.

I also wrote articles which were published in hypnotherapy journals and research paper which was included in the training materials of the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy School.